How to Diagnose and Treat CML/MPN

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Clinical Updates on CML/MPN
March 8-10, 2019
Saggart (Dublin), Ireland
Chairs: Claire Harrison, Andreas Hochhaus, Ruben Mesa

ESH Clinical Updates are disease-specific meetings that address state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical management.

They are based on the presentation and analysis of real clinical cases. Voting technology is used as a self-evaluation tool and to increase scientific interaction.

This programme will include:
– Plenary Sessions
– Interactive Cases Presentations
– Roundtables
– Panel Discussions
– Debates
– Voting boxes

Consulte o programa aqui

Deadline For Clinical Cases And Abstracts Poster Presentation: JANUARY 6TH, 2019

Please send your clinical case in a .doc format to the following email address: and

Check that you do receive an acknowledgement of your submitted clinical case. If not, contact

Please find below the clinical cases guidelines:

  • Your clinical case can be structured (eg Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions) or unstructured
  • Maximum number of words: 400
  • Your clinical case will be submitted to the peer review procedure
  • Your clinical case must be sent by email in a .doc format
  • Your clinical case should contain the following information:1. Title (capital letters)
    2. Authors with name of presenting author under-scored
    3. Name and e-mail of corresponding author
    4. Institution and city of origin
    5. Text
    6. Acknowledgements (if necessary) (no references please)